Want to know what it’s like to join our team during lockdown? We recently had a catch up with one of our latest recruits to hear what it’s been like to start a new role and to work remotely at Elmwood London. Read on for more from our new Account Manager, Sam Stevenson.

Looking to grow your career during lockdown? Elmwood London is hiring for a new Account Executive, Account Director, and Visual Identity Design Director.

Sam, how long have you been at Elmwood?

Since April 5th, going on seven months now.

What drew you to Elmwood?

I wanted to get experience at working in a smaller agency for a more hands-on role. Elmwood has been great so far, as it has a close family feel and the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects.

If you had different choices for employers, why was Elmwood the choice over them?

Elmwood is close to my LTC莱特币数字货币合约_期货合约杠杆home, so I can cycle to work, and the benefits and pay are great and very competitive with other places. The feel when I walked in was also different from other agencies. I met three people when I came in for an interview, and it felt more genuine than other agencies I visited.

How do you feel youve grown professionally while here?

In terms of the work I’m doing, it’s a lot more brand world and identity and less packaging. My knowledge in those areas has broadened. I’m also given a lot of independence here.

How would you describe the people at Elmwood London in three words?

Warm, family-feel, passionate.

The culture in three words?

Lively, close, laidback.

What are you excited about for the future of Elmwood?

Getting back into the office! Also, new projects and different things to work on. The clients here are more corporate and larger than those I’ve worked with in the past, and that’s been fun.

What advice would you give someone whos considering applying for a job at Elmwood London?

Go for it. The team is small and full of lovely people.

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